The time has come. Furry Feline 2.0 and this is just the beginning.

When we first started making these plushies, we sought out to be distributing these as much as we can but now we can barely keep up. All these are handcrafted by Cheri Ng-Ong since day one.

Starting at San Diego Comic Con in July. We will only have the original plushies displayed at each events. They will be ONLY be available for made to order at shows and online with a pre-order timeline. (We may have a few available on hand with us if ever, but not guaranteed, So get them while you can!)

Now the time has come! We are introducing Furry Feline 2.0

Our goal and focus is our reach out to as many people regardless of age, gender, race, interest or background using various mixed media art and a wide variety of products. These characters represents each one of us so we stay true to our convictions as we develop our brand because they represent you. We are very excited to have you in this journey. You have a seat in our table!