It was not until we got the acceptance letter from San Diego Comic Con in November 2011 to participate in the Small Press area where we had realized that this is more than just a hobby.  This was the first time applying at SDCC for a juried space and from that point on we knew that there was something for us.   We spent the next several months to prepare for this mega show!  This is where we debuted the book "Being Different Is A Good Thingwhich continues to get sold out time after time to this day.

 Puffridge Dragon and Dragon Master Ringo were introduced and did not last long and was sold out before the end of the show.   These won awards and was part of the top Comic Con Exclusives list for 2012.  This is where it all started.

 One of the early interviews and writeups about our work was covered by World Journal and San Diego Union Tribune during SDCC.