What's New?!? 

We have redesigned our website from the ground up.   It allows more faster, functional and easy access to products directly on the site to your cart.  We invite you to check it out at furry-feline.com and create an account.  No Purchase necessary.

The new Furry Feline Family Rewards 2.0  Upon opening an account...you get points! If you purchase something.. you get points, refer someone...you get points and exchange them to $$$.  It's that easy!   To celebrate this, we are offering an initial 400 BONUS POINTSFREE SHIPPING this week until October 23!
Facebook Messenger embedded to the website which allows you to send us a message directly on our Furry Feline Creatives Facebook Page, where we both can reply to your inquiry or questions.  You will even receive order updates. How cool is that?!

You can also browse our products and buy directly on Facebook, WaneloTwitter and Pinterest!


Furry Feline Family Rewards