San Diego Comic Con 2012 was our first major event.  It was also the very beginning of our journey as we barely started Furry Feline Creatives.  At the time we were located at Small Press, a section at the San Diego Convention Center where they feature original creators who write and create their own art and books occupying a small six-foot table to display all our wares.  This was a juried area and we were blessed to get accepted on our first try.   We will tell you more about the process we took on another post.  Most of the pics are in our album here.   


During this time we had cranked up some handmade plush toys, prints, release a couple books and shirts.   Little did we know that this was a start of something special.   We have always wanted do something that is unique and original so we focused on creativity, writing our own original stories and created the characters inspired by people like you and me. We wanted to be remembered as the artists and story-writers who created their own thing and the ethics that goes along with it.    We ended up selling out of our Comic Con exclusives and a sold a lot of merchandise.   And if that was not enough, Upon seeing us at SDCC, we got invited to visit Walt Disney Animation Studios in Los Angeles, CA to talk about what Disney was looking for, what we were interested in and take a tour of the studio.   In other words, we were invited to pitch!  At the time we were two newly proud parents who just started the business, wrote a book for our kids and created something that we think people would love.  We were humbled and needless to say we definitely were not ready! LOL!  But we knew at that time that there was no turning back.  We have believed as people have believed in us and we are sticking by it.


We are sharing this now as we bring the World of Furry Feline Creatives together, the past, present and future and making it's way to San Diego Comic Con for our 7th Year.   As we share a new chapter on what is to come.  All we can say is that these will created in-house in the grounds of Furry Feline Creatives HQ.