The one day in February while attending a small business expo at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Downtown Dallas and saw the lines of around 600 people in line for the audition.  I said "no way" and proceeded to walk around the floor of the event and quickly realized that the event is geared towards a  traditional service kind of industry like banking, telecommunications etc. which is way different with what we do.  So with a lot of time on my hands and nothing to lose I went in-line and waited for my turn for a couple of hours and was given a wristband.  Inside the room there was another multiple row of chairs where it was another waiting area where you can see people practicing their pitches and four tables where each of the casting associates were conducting their interviews.   The staff of Shark Tank were pretty remarkable for keeping everyone calm and comfortable they offered some tips to keep your mind at ease.   When it came to my turn I knew I only had a minute to tell what Furry Feline Creatives was all about.  
shark tank
With 40k people audition all over the country for this season show.  We were among those 1k chosen who were asked to submit a five minute video after the initial 60 second pitch from the audition.  We spend the following few days making the our pitch video and send samples of our work.
Then they only select 80-100 to the show. And out of those, they would go through and pick which one would be good for TV. So even that number is not a guarantee you will be at the show. These were the odds... This information comes from the head of casting for ABC's Shark Tank as published by USA Today.
We are happy to be even considered even though we WILL NOT be on the show for this season.  We are blessed that our work was seen by the producers of the show and have some of our samples and got this wristband at the audition as a reminder to never stop believing. This is our journey together. We will be back and try again next year.  Shark Tank Season 11 starts this weekend on Sept 29th.