Over the past year, we announced our collaboration with Serendipity,  one of the leading manufacturers of bags and accessories in the Philippines and started distribution all over the country to malls such as Robinson's Malls, W Department Stores, Find Finds, MSE Business and various online eCommerce websites such as Shopee and Lazada Philippines.  For more pics click here.

What makes Serendipity bags different that just any other bags?  Quality. Quality and Quality.  As you guys already know how "anal" we are about the quality of our products such as the softness of our shirts and the quality of our handmade goods.  These bags are sewn piece by piece and uses a wide variety of type of fabric.   Just look at the tote bags in the picture below, these aren't just silk screened on top, but it goes at the edge of the fabric, cut and sewn together.  Piece by piece.  We were there to see it ourselves. Can't do that by just ordinary silkscreen on bags.


serendipity office



But how did it got started?   Mike Lee, president of Turnstyle Manufacturing Inc.  is one of the leading manufacturers of bags and apparel in the Philippines who has licenses for Disney, Nickelodeon among others launched their own label called Serendipity who initially saw our work at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas and have been visiting us at San Diego Comic Con for a couple of years and we had discussed the possibility of working together.   Then as we both were ready in 2018 we embarked this journey together as partners.   It was also a bonus that they got Ms. Rhian Ramos, a Filipino actress, commercial model and singer as the brand ambassador.

And now we are very excited to be bringing that collaboration here in United States debuting at San Diego Comic Con at the Furry Feline Creatives booth #4435 and are available on our website at furry-feline.com