One of the earliest T-Shirt designs that we did was the Merry Monstropus way back before we formally started Furry Feline Creatives sometime in 2011. Little did we know that the design was symbolic of the beginning of the World of Furry Feline Creatives as the characters coexists among each other.

The Merry Monstropus are alien monsters who visited Earth with their analogue cameras on hand or tentacles for that matter. They were tourist and have gone to various places on an adventure in places they have never been before.  During their time on Earth, they were able to capture some photographs of Purridge and Friends.  These photos were discovered and released in 2017.   To see all the photos we found so far CLICK HERE.  There might be more that needs to be found!       


Some of the cameras they used are now found and are in safe keeping at the Furry Feline HQ...