Shark Tank

Shark Tank

It was Shark Tank Season 11.  I happened to be at the convention center where they we doing a live auditions.  I said to myself, I got nothing to lose and gave it a try.   I presented what Furry Feline Creatives to the casting crew and had the same feeling when you ace an exam in high school.  

With over 40k people auditioned all over the country per season. We weren't expecting much.  But after a few weeks the invitation email came in.  We were among those 1000 people chosen who were asked to submit a five minute video to be seen by the executive producer (Mark Burnett perhaps) before it goes to the sharks. This was after the initial 60 second pitch from the audition. Then they only select 80-100 to the show. And out of those, they would go through and pick which one would be good for TV. So even that number is not a guarantee you will be at the show. Those were the odds.  Since we were more of a character based, intellectual property brand and not an "invention" of sorts, we did not fit what Shark Tank was looking for.   If you watch the show you would notice a certain type of consumer goods that goes in the show.

We were blessed that we were even considered and got that far and was seen by the staff and producers of the show.  Kept the wristband from the audition as a reminder to never stop believing. 

While we can't share the video for obvious reasons, we can share some memes.

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