Furry Feline Creatives is the character design studio representing the lifestyle brands Purridge & Friends and I Heart Poop Culture.  Started in 2012.  Two newly proud parents, Alvin & Cheri wanted their kids to grow up and recognize their individuality and differences.  Embracing themselves for who they are.  So they turned into creating their own characters to share the message of Individuality, Creativity and Family.   A bond between everyone in the family regardless of age to share various interest and passions.

Cheri with no previous sewing background started sewing plush toys with the drawings she made in her childhood days while Alvin wrote stories influenced by people's personalities, interests and experience.  These were projected in these wonderful and appealing cast of characters.  

"We wanted to make something real and personal.  We are unique,  we all got stories to tell and that what makes it so special and original". 



Cheri Lynn Ong had been drawing all her life, Graduated with a Bachelor of  Fine Arts degree in Advertising Design.  She began her artistic life as an illustrator and a graphic designer for one of the top wedding photographers in Asia.  It was not until having children where she was inspired to take the needle and started sewing and bringing the characters she drew back in her childhood come to life. Since then, she has expanded into various mix media art.



He is the geek. A former computer engineer and a very talkative one.  Graduated with double Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Information Technology.  He handles all the business aspect, web and social media of Furry Feline Creatives. Comes out with all the silly ideas and stories of the characters and books.  He also takes care of the kids when Cheri is busy working.