Year 0 and Year 1 (2011-2012) at SDCC - The Beginnings

Year 0 and Year 1 (2011-2012) at SDCC - The Beginnings

We are going to be doing a 10 Part post on our social media with the past 10 years of Furry Feline Creatives at Comic-Con International as we will talk more in detail on the things that happened, challenges, why we do what we do and the will to do whatever it takes. We hope this may inspire you and keep the passion going. Enjoy!

YEAR 0 (2011) This would be our favorite to talk about as this marks the beginning of our journey. I was working on my career as a computer engineer and Cheri was a full time mom with the kids. We both didn't grew up here in United States and there were no immediate family or friends to go to. We had done a few craft shows, some we even shared space with. 😅

We knew we had something. This was confirmed the previous year when we walked the halls of SDCC as attendees in 2011 looking for an artist job of Cheri at the Portfolio reviews at the Sails Pavilion. Nickelodeon thought we were pitching for a show as they thought our stories and characters were all done very well and would not believe us that we were there looking at the job openings. Another executive from another company came over and took a look at said "Why are you guys even here? You should be at the down at the exhibit hall selling these, because these are awesome". We looked at each other and knew what we needed to do. We wanted to do something that is original and different what everyone else is doing. Stories and characters that reflects all our experiences as immigrants, culture, marriage and family. Both of us have a boisterously hilarious sense of humor so we knew it will never be a dull moment.  We applied for Small press and got in on our first try.

YEAR 1 (2012) We were the new kids on the block. We did not work in the industry or know anyone. Our work history does not have anything related to what we are doing now. 😂 We felt like that kid in school who moved to a new country and school while everyone knew each other as we sit quietly in our own little corner.

Cheri has always been an artist and would draw these characters and make them as plush toys -- The first two she made looked malnourished. (Those are now in our vault) I remember telling her one day, why don't you make them like you draw them? The rest was history! There is an original distinct look on how Cheri draws and how she makes all these toys. We made as much as we can and Cheri spent most of the time sewing behind the table in order to catch up as we sold out the toys.  We had the small 6 foot table and fit everything we could.

We didn't know much what we were doing at the time, it was our first official comic convention were we met our first customers, got featured on local and international newspapers and publications. Approached by Walt Disney Animation Studios and Hub Network which is now owned by Warner Bros.

BOY! That was a lot to take in on your first big event! But one thing is for certain that since day one we wanted to share a different perspective and share our own story.

* SDCC Exclusives released were the Puffridge Dragon and Dragonmaster Ringo.


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