Year 5 (2016) at SDCC - Tough Enough

Year 5 (2016) at SDCC - Tough Enough

This year was a struggle. If calendar years were in competition for the "Worst Year Ever" crown, 2016 would certainly be a contender. You can also find a lot of information about this on the Internet. From the very start of the year there were terrorists attacks, mass shootings, rising nationalism and the presidential elections. Going through my posts on FB in 2016, there were countless post of challenges happening all over the world. These had a direct effect on the consumers and businesses. Most, if not all of our peers experience a great deal of loss. Running a business is never a bed of roses, it is 24/7 commitment to juggle things around. This was also the time where we explored a lot of uncharted territories, trying some new events to expand. There are good events and there are events that you should never do. Bad timing eh? We also started our first mass production of the poop plush toys so our budget was probably to the max. We say it as it is... even when it is sunny, it rains sometimes, it can't be sunny all the time.

But hey we move on, we continue to fight. We took that fighting spirit at SDCC and manage to do well in spite of the everchanging market conditions. As a highlight at SDCC that year, our exclusive was selected by Kotaku (The popular gaming website) to be on the main banner alongside Stan Lee.

"When The Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going". - Billy Ocean.

SDCC Exclusives released were the Poopie Zombie and Purridge in the Litterbox.

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