Year 7 (2018) at SDCC -  Farm Fresh

Year 7 (2018) at SDCC - Farm Fresh

This was the backdrop on what it is to come,  with a fresh look on what is in-stored for the future we created a theme that symbolizes new cultivated and harvested things, we called it "Farm Fresh".   We dressed up our booth to have a country side motif.and boy we lit up that space! 

Moving to Dallas was probably the best thing we have done as it allowed us to be in the middle of the country perfect for our travels as we are central and travel all over the country.    We also love the fact that we have access to city life and can indulge in country life in a short 15 minutes drive.   We have a lot of things to offer that are fresh for the picking.

It was definitely a big leap to the years we have done SDCC and shown us how far we could go 

Our SDCC exclusives released were the Fruity Delights.

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