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The Furry Feline Hubs, Online and Retail Story

We have been doing Furry Feline Creatives for almost a decade now.   We can still remember how we started from a small six foot table.   Since then we are continuously making and developing an extensive range of products and producing high quality apparel and toys with designs that feature various techniques and all over prints.   We have licensed our designs with various manufacturers locally and internationally.   

In the the last couple of years, we got a first hand look as to how we as a lifestyle brand could compete against a very competitive market with no backing.  We opened a retail store in Fairview Town Center just before covid started.  Even though the store was at the back and hidden from the main roads we did manage to bring in our own traffic and met some high profile people from the area that became our customers.  As the pandemic progressed, we decided early on that it was best to move forward and find alternative ways since we were on a temporary lease agreement.   



In the next several months we focused a lot on our online as all the shows and events were cancelled for 2020 and half of 2021.  This is where we took the time in creating new exciting product lines and keep on evolving to build upon itself.  We made it also beneficial to shop online as you earn reward points for purchases and score some random freebies and surprises!.  

We were also given an opportunity to open up a tiny kiosk at the Allen Premium Outlets during this time.  Now, we were crazy to do this in the vicinity of the biggest brands of the world such as Nike, Aeropostale, Guess, Calvin Klein, Hanes, H&M, Forever 21, Tory Burch, etc. just to name a few. It is like a tiny boat in the middle of the big ocean!  But we are so glad we did!  Not only we do a lot more business compared to our previous location, we would also get some customers who loved the brand on first sight.  As Shoppers ourselves at a mall of any kind, we normally avoid the kiosk and go straight to our shopping destination, right?  But something about us that got their attention.  To quote most of the people who shopped with us at the outlet:   

"The quality, originality and uniqueness on these are remarkable."

"You can see the passion on every style and artwork, it shows who you guys are."

"I just had to go back and check you guys out.  This is the sh*t - store!"

"I don't really care for signature clothing or label. (while shopping at an outlet mall - LOL)   When I see something I like, I get it." 


Furry Feline Creatives-kiosk


While we have multiple stockists throughout the years, we have never been more excited on what we call, the "Furry Feline Hubs".   As we go back into our nationwide tour we have build strong relationships with the people and shops who believed in us.  They will have a wide selection of products from us and have exclusive products that can only be found at their store.  The first one will be opening soon in Tucson, AZ with Harley's Toys and Comics.  Watch out for our social media for the Grand Opening!



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