FFC Vault

These are the limited edition plushies we have created in the last decade.   They are now officially in the vault and immortalized on this page.  You can expect to see these characters in our stories and books and in our various products. 


Modeled after his idol Dragonmaster. Ringo dresses up with full on nunchucks with the iconic yellow and black jumpsuit. Released at San Diego Comic Con




It's Purridge in a fire-breathing dragon costume celebrating the year of the dragon. Measures 12 inches.   Released at San Diego Comic Con.



The Black Purridge with crescent lollipop. Measures 12 inches.  Released at New York Comic Con. 2012
Purridge & Ringo teamed up at hit the stage as Fury Felines MEOW. Complete with drumsticks and guitars. Measures 12 inches.  Released at Wondercon. 2013
It's Purridge in a Ice dragon costume  A new colorway for the popular Puffridge Dragon. Measures 12 inches.  Released at San Diego Comic Con.



Maneki Neko Purridge once again sees their kitty character take plush form, this time as the good luck-welcoming Maneki Neko. Complete with lucky golden coin and red bib (with real bell attached)  Measures 12 inches. Released at San Diego Comic Con.


Tenacious Bogie plush  is a tribute to the Tenacious Toys mascot. Bogie is character from Purridge and Friends and measures a 15 inches tall!.  Released at New York Comic Con. 2013
Paratrooper Dude has been deployed. Dude being the extreme turtle as he is takes the drop from the skies. With a release of the belt buckle, his shell deploys into a parachute.



Purridge needs her coffee fix...RIGHT NOW. There's a lot of work to be done. Must work... Must finish work. Comes with a removable coffee mug.

Ringo has been playing video games, all day, all night, non stop. Comes with a removable game controller tangled on his neck.

Piga was very tired, slept with a mudpack on and totally forgot to remove it the next day. Poor Piga got the cucumbers and mugpuck stuck on her face!

Chef Tako was so busy preparing at the kitchen, he got thirsty and mistakenly took the red bottle instead of the bottled water. Comes with a removable red hot sauce bottle. Too late Chef Tako drank the entire bottle! You know what happens next.


Kaiju is a Japanese word that translates to "strange beast" or monsters. Purridge dresses up in a Kaiju suit in the style of Japanese figures. Measures 13". Dude who is bringing sexy back while carrying a spiky shell on his back dubbed as "Go-Go Supaiku Dude". Measures 12 inches.  Released at San Diego Comic Con.


Suburban Reptile Kiaju Purridge is a tribute to friends over at Suburban Vinyl.  Measures 14 inches.  Released at New York Comic Con.  2014
Start your breakfast right with Bacon and Eggs Purridge. Breakfast all day!  Measures 12 inches.   2015

Purridge & Friends introduces "The Funky Felines"

Come join the boogie with Purridge as she dances wearing roller skates as originated in the 1970s during the disco craze.

It's was a hairy decade and Ringo knows it too well. Get ready to shake your groove thing as the 70s are stayin'.

Released at San Diego Comic Con.



The statue is of a robed female furry feline named Liberty Purridge  who bears an ice cream with sprinkles and a tablet.  Measures 8 inches.  Released at New York Comic Con.  2015

Always Warm & Steamy... Introducing the Deep Sh*t Pizza. Comes in a box with 5 slices of poop in various flavors that represents the truth behind its colors. Each Poop plush measures 5 inches. Releassed at C2E2.

Yellow = Cheese (greasy, foul smelling, malabsorption disorder)
Red = Pepperoni (could be a symptom of cancer)
Green = Veggie (food moving too quickly through the intestines)
Black = Anchovy (Bleeding internally due to ulcer or cancer)
Brown = Mushroom (You're normal)

Two of Furry Feline Creatives iconic brands on a cross over. "Purridge & Friends" and "I Heart Poop Culture". Our favorite cat Purridge is sitting down on the litterbox leaving something behind.  Measures 10x 9 x 9.  Release at San Diego Comic Con. 2016

It's the real nightmare for all households, diarrhea outbreak has begun. This is the poop that crawls back up the toilet. Stands at 8 inches.  Released at San Diego Comic Con.  



Purridge the white cat in matcha flavored coffee cup.  Measures 9 inches. Released at Emerald City Comic Con.  



Meet The Poops, a new line of soft marshmallow crap candy plushes. Inspired by the classic Peeps marshmallow candy, these brightly colored plush dolls stand 5” tall and 4” wide.  Released at Wondercon and Fan Expo Dallas. 2017

This adorable monster will make you squeee with cuteness. With its arms open wide open asking for your hug. Measures 12 (L) x 8 (W) x 12 (H)   Released at San Diego Comic Con.



Purridge transforms into a Negora, also known as Catzilla or Neko Kaiju.  It has two tails and spikes on its back.  On its paw is a Japanese fish-shaped cake called Taiyaki, which is one of the popular street foods in Japan.  The fish attaches to its paw using very strong magnets.  Measures 12 x 12 x 12. .  


What do you call a poop that comes from a bull?     A Bullsh*t or Bullcrap.  Whatever way you look at its all “BS”.


According to legend, the mysterious dragon fruit was created thousands of years ago by real life fire breathing Dragons. During a battle when a dragon breathed fire the last thing to emerge would be the fruit. Today, that legend is no more as Purridge transforms into Puffridge Dragon Fruit!  Measures 14 inches tall.  Released at San Diego Comic Con. 2018
Introducing the Purridge & Freinds Fruity Delights!  With  6 Fruity Flavors to choose from!
Coconut Purridge Plush
Inspired by the coconut fruit. Purridge goes nuts in a coconut with the colors and charm of Hawaiian culture. Measures  6" x 6.5"
Watermelon Ringo
Ringo dressed up as a watermelon,  one of the most popular fruits of summer! Measures 6" x 6.5" 
Tako Apple Shuffle Plush
An Apple is one of the most popular fruit in America. Apple is also one the most popular technology company in America.  And Chef Tako is one the most popular character because he is cool.
Mango Piga Plush
Mangoes are one of the most cultivated fruits in the tropics.  And with that we think of leaves covering all over.  Measures  6" x 6.5"
Avocadog Plush
Inspired by the avocado fruit.    Avocadog Bogie measures 6" x 9" 



The King of the Throne has come!  Removable Magnetic poop king plush with a toilet that makes a flushing sound with a press of a button.   Includes the 2 variant of the poopie zombies  


Poop King Each measures at 6" length x 5.5" height x 3.75" depth.

The Toilet throne measures 5" length x 8" height x 8" depth. 

Released at San Diego Comic Con.


A new super hero is born.  Bogie dressed up as Super Toasty Avocadog,  this is the Jumbo edition equipped with magnetic chilli pepper sword and sunnyside egg shield.   Measures 16". Released at San Diego Comic Con. 2019
We are known for our crap.  Now experience the softest poop plush you can ever feel using an ultrasoft fluffy fabric.  Measures 12" Released at San Diego Comic Con. 2019
The previous year the Poop & King Throne and Zombie set sold out in SDCC preview night in just 3 hour, so crazy that we took preorders at the show to ship the product after the show.  This year we are introducing a new character in the set which is the bull.  These are interchangeable magnetic poop plushies that connects to the toilet throne and makes a flushing sound.    King Poop and Zombie poop measures 6"   The bull measures 7".  The Toilet Throne measures 5"
Released at San Diego Comic Con.