Year 2 (2013) at SDCC  - The Family

Year 2 (2013) at SDCC - The Family

It is very hard to get into Comic Con. Exhibitor booths? You'd probably would be looking at several years to a decade long wait. Only option for us was to apply again at Small Press where we submit some written publication such as a book. It is a juried section of SDCC where you submit your work each year. So the waiting game was real and you wait for the results. Just imagine how many people apply all over the world. It probably would be a lot easier if you had worked in the industry (comic/film/movie/toy etc) but we didn't have any of that. We were already kept busy as we started venturing out of state and doing other shows and events. As soon as we heard we were coming back we were prepared and put our work into high gear.

While the focus on these post will only be about our time at SDCC and we won't bore you with business politics, egos and drama. That would take forever. We would like point out some aspects that help shape what we do and how we see things. We started "Family" before it was cool. Yes, even before Vin Diesel. AL-VIN Diesel. LOL

We quickly learned that we were still that new kid in school, we weren't part of any cliques. We were the outsiders. Mean girls anyone? haha! We were that kid who you can come up to and share your lunch with, with big smiles and share laughter. We built a family. People who came and saw us the year before came back and a lot of new people wanted to be part of it. We had a request to have an official "street team" and this had developed into a nationwide crew of people who understands why we do what we do to this day.

Going back to the SDCC topic, we were once again cleaned out of our plushies this time as early as Saturday morning and Cheri had doubled production and continuously working behind the table. This time we knew that we had to do something as we barely could keep up.

SDCC Exclusives released were the Maneki Neko Purridge and Puffridge Ice Dragon.


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