Year 4 (2015) at SDCC - The Big Move

Year 4 (2015) at SDCC - The Big Move

2015  was the year where there was a lot of big changes.  "The Big Move."   The move from Los Angeles to Dallas.   The big move from working full time for corporate to running the business full time.  The big move by expanding products into clothing and apparel such as T-Shirts, dresses, bags, leggings, art toy figures and many more!.  We started as a plush toy company but our sights were set as a lifestyle brand and this was the first transition in our brand. 

Cheri is an amazing artist, wife and mother to our children. She challenges herself learning new things and does not compromise on taking the easy way out.   How did she start sewing?  By watching YouTube.  Designing clothing and apparel?  The unwavering love to learn and improve.  

Chuck Jones would said this well.  

"Every artist has thousands of bad drawings in them and the only way to get rid of them is to draw them out."

"All worthwhile endeavors are 90% work and 10% love, and only the love should show."

Even with all that talent, she never had any support back home even growing up, so if there is one person who would support her all the way, it would be me and you bet I did.  This where I knew I had to step up and take the lead as a visionary and handle the business aspect in our company. We started making our clothing and apparel similar to how we make our toys. The  attention to detail and quality with the philosophy of creating something unique and original would be remember as such.  The response at SDCC to our new product lines was very well received that we partied with the disco ball and guess who came by to our booth too.  Simone.


SDCC Exclusives released were the Funky Felines.


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