Year 6 (2017) at SDCC - The Come Back Kid

Year 6 (2017) at SDCC - The Come Back Kid

After a chaotic year in 2016. We got back up with a vengeance and launch "Furry Feline 2.0" The Year of the Rooster. It served as a wake up call. Getting back up and having the statement "Don't call me chicken!".

Armed with a lot of new products from t-shirts, dresses, scarves, headbands, hoodies etc.  But it wasn't just the products,  it was the attitude.  We were back better than ever. We didn't get to have good photo of our booth because majority were people wearing out products and pickup up our toys.  We were the Come Back Kid.

In any industry, there will always be people who will befriend you as they want something from you but the moment you made your mark they disappear. We understand competition, but how low will they go?   We had people copy everything what we do, even words and sections of our website.  We had people who try to get trade secrets from Cheri because she is "nice" but when you ask them something they stop replying.  We share a lot of valuable information to fellow artists that we meet, whether they are new or a season veteran.  We do this because we want to see them thrive.

Then there's people who don't really care about you because you aren't part of their cliques.  Leave them be -- You don't need them.  Instead make connections who value you as you.  

We are sure that there are people who talk behind our backs. We don't give a crap.  The people that you want to bring in your life are the people who celebrates with you when good things happen, and are there during your lowest. Setting boundaries defines our expectations of ourselves and others and is crucial in relationships.  You don't take ANY bullsh*t from anyone.  Just from Furry Feline. 

SDCC Exclusives released were the handmade Bullcrap, Kai Kai Kaiju and the Purridge Negora.

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