Year 8  (2019) at SDCC - Into The Unknown

Year 8 (2019) at SDCC - Into The Unknown

SDCC make a big change in their floor layout we were now located at near Disney Television/Fox.   With any change, there were will be a lot of unknown.   But like any obstacles we give our all and a little more.    It turned out that we even doubled and reaped the benefits of all our hard work.   We had Chuck Jones grandson, Craig as our guest for for the 2nd year and we had a few products that we brought over some products from our licensing in the Philippines.   Remember when we talked about relationships that will happen that value you as you.  Those people come when the time is right.  We met Veronica from Harley Toys and Comics where a new Furry Feline Creatives hub is now located.  

Then there is Shark Tank,   there is the retail store etc You can read those in separate post in our blog.     There are some many things beyond our control but the best thing we could do is to enjoy the ride. Life is what you make it. 

SDCC exclusives were the Ultrasoft Jumbo Poop.  Throne set and Super Toasty Avocado.

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