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Handmade Deep Sh*t Pizza Plush Set

Handmade Deep Sh*t Pizza Plush Set

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Always Warm & Steamy... Introducing the Deep Sh*t Pizza. Comes in a box with 5 slices of poop in various flavors that represents the truth behind its colors. Each Poop plush measures 5 inches.

Yellow = Cheese (greasy, foul smelling, malabsorption disorder)
Red = Pepperoni (could be a symptom of cancer)
Green = Veggie (food moving too quickly through the intestines)
Black = Anchovy (Bleeding internally due to ulcer or cancer)
Brown = Mushroom (You're normal)

Each plush is 100% Handmade by Designer Artist Cheri Ong in McKinney, TX USA, all hand sewn using Soft Fleece, Felt, Polyester Fiberfill, No buttons, No plastic eyes that any small children could eat.

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