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Spicy Deep Shit Pizza Resin Figure (SDCC EXCLUSIVE)

Spicy Deep Shit Pizza Resin Figure (SDCC EXCLUSIVE)

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Are you ready to light the sky on fire?   Try our new Spicy Deep Sh*t Pizza!   Smothered and topped with spicy habanero peppers and cheese to make you call the fire department.   

The Deep Sh*t Pizza art resin figure is hand sculpted and hand painted by Cheri Lynn Ong measures around 2.5 x 2.5 and comes in a miniature pizza box.   It  also includes a cute vinyl die cut sticker.   

On-se or On-ce is a Spanish word that means the number 11. It is also being used in Tagalog where one has been eating too much spices that causes nasal drips on both passages forming the number 11.

Order today!  For more info call this number (727) 537-6673 (ONSE)
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